Aesop Rock: the rapper with a wider vocabulary than Shakespeare

…Data scientist and designer Matt Daniels has plugged the lyrics of lots of rappers into a computer, calculated how many different words each uses…

..Aesop Rock uses by far the widest range of words among the 85 rappers tested, much wider than Shakespeare’s would have been in a comparable analysis of his plays. Indeed, many rappers did better than Shakespeare, including three members of the Wu-Tang clan…

Full Results 2.0

No surprise


I spell Marry with my name stitched on my heritage
Incinerate arrogant simpletons to feed my cherished wind
Buried in leagues a please, thank you, pardon, excuse me
Your welcome, may I? ohh, I’d like to nod but no you may not
Let’s take a deep breath, naw let’s take a breath

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Aesop always get’s reblogged

How is there not one good copy of Guardians of the Galaxy on the whole interweb dammit